How to Get Runway Dresses for Less

When the private label dresses you plan to rent are showing up elsewhere online at very cheap prices, will you still choose to rent for a while instead of keeping it in your own closet for ever? My answer is absolutely NO.

Runway dresses definitely doesn’t come cheap and are only sold to a very small number of people who are rich and famous. But just because your budget doesn’t allow for MiuMiu doesn’t mean you can’t buy a MiuMiu style dress in your closet. In fact, with some resourceful tips, you can buy any style of runway dress you like from AliExpress with very reasonable prices.

With the help of AliExpress, you doesn’t need to buy off-season or secondhand runway dresses anymore. You doesn’t need to swap with friends and borrow from rent-runway-dresses websites with not cheap prices anymore.

How to find runway dresses for less in season at AliExpress:

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DHgate Human Hair Price Secret

Dear DHgate sellers:

To further standardize human hair trading activities, DHgate will deal with the hair sellers who misuse keywords that are often used to represent good quality hair items like Grade AAAA, Grade AAAAA, etc. Also all human hair extensions sold on DHgate should comply with DHgate’s new standard lowest price rule.


This article is directly translated from DHgate’s official published news.

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Buy and Beware: Emeda / Haiyi / Leshine / Lisi Hair Factory

Shared Content:

When sample is wrong return
Only pay by PayPal not bank transfer
I made a mistake to save money
I wish I did not
Takes at least 4 weeks to know how product is if you wash hair 2-3 times a week.
They say they always best quality.
I wanted a refund. They sat will test out product because you are not happy in a few days they say it’s OK and nothing wrong. But they are a scam
They lie with everything
They are very incompetent
Everything they do are wrong
And it’s always your fault

Website looks good
Hair will Matt, shed, then will start dread locking it’s mixed hair
They should just stick to their doll hair

This company and Leshine Hair is the same
Leshine is also known as Lisi hair and another company known as Haiyi hair
They change their names. That tells something
Research the name bad reviews
Once someone has a bad review avoid it
That’s real talk
I wish I did
Live and learn

Don’t trust them
It’s a scam
Pay by PayPal to protect yourself
And remember the time frame for PayPal protection

Supported Photos:

emeda hair factory review

haiyi hair factory review

Warmly Notice: All Sharing is Caring and Buy and Beware articles are provided by our dear readers and aimed at helping other girls to avoid hair shopping scams and buy quality hair products from reliable vendors.

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Update Your Space – Newest AliExpress Home Decor Sale

Everyday we’re thinking of decorating our house in a specific and personal way we love, lovely, cool or creative. Too many boutique items are needed to decorate a self-satisfying home. AliExpress can help you to achieve it without breaking the bank. There’re too many awesome and elegant cool home decor items with very cheap prices you must like.

New home decor sale from AliExpress – Update Your Space, 20% off at least!

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Some cool items you can buy with much cheaper prices in this sale:


Update Your Space Sale Launch Link:

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Human Hair Sweaters, Weird Fashion?

Images courtesy the artist

Images courtesy the artist

Fashion has always been a highly subjective industry. Trends that are deemed ludicrous at first become common only two years later—take skinny jeans, for instance, or closing the top button of your shirt. Alix Bizet, a French student graduating at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, designs clothes made of human hair. The question is whether her fashions are a soon-to-be-accepted phenomenon or a bridge too far. One thing’s for sure: her Chewbacca-like attire is striking to say the least.

Hair Matters is a graduation project, in which she collected and examined human hair from African American hairdressers to create jackets and hats. Why? Because it’s a sustainable solution, an animal-friendly alternative to fur, and an embracement of our cultural an ethnic differences. The Creators Project called Bizet to ask how her furry collection is coming along:

human hair sweaters 1

The Creators Project: Why human hair?

Alix Bizet: Because it’s controversial. The fact that you’re asking me this question right now indicates that, in general, people find it a little weird and perhaps even a bit gross to wear human hair. I want eliminate that taboo, because we forget it’s so easy to collect human hair. I’m not saying you need to salvage every hair from the shower or bathroom sink, but just think of all the hair we waste after we’ve been to the hairdresser, or the amount you suck up from the bedroom with the vacuum cleaner.

You don’t think it’s a bit crude to wear other people’s hair?

Our aversion to hair, and especially hair that isn’t standard, says a lot about our society. If you buy a tube of shampoo, it is always based on the Western hair type. You rarely see a woman with an afro in a L’Oreal commercial. The media bombard us with the “normal” straight hair type. All other hair types are often referred to as ‘special.’ I want my project to be a first step in embracing diversity. If we can learn to love out-of-the-ordinary hair types, then our acceptance of other external characteristics will soon follow. Consider my project a weapon against racism.

human hair sweaters 2

What type of hair are the coats made of?

Frizzy hair. Eventually I want to design clothes with every hair type, but I started collecting frizzy hair from afro-salons. I soon came to realize that afro-hairdressers are fairly scarce in Eindhoven. So I had to use most of my own hair for the first prototype.

To produce the garments I first separate the hair. All tangles have to be combed out. Then I examine the structure and color of the hair. For instance, gray hair [requires] a different weaving method, because it’s very vulnerable. During the weaving process, I got some help from a professional tailor. He helped me develop a special weaving technique I could use during my graduation at the Design Academy.

human hair sweaters 3

human hair sweaters 4

What’s your opinion on wearing fur?

I’m not against wearing fur, but I am against slaughtering animals solely for their fur, and unfortunately that is the most common way we obtain fur. Human hair is a perfect alternative. Two meters of hair-textile costs about hundred euros. A lot cheaper than ‘real’ fur, I can tell you.

Do you think people are actually going to wear your clothes?

Who knows, the hair caps are very popular with my fellow students. Before I consider designing other garments I want to examine every type of hair there is. The jackets also need some more work, so don’t expect them to appear on the cat-walk just yet. But, of course, that would be dream. In the near future I hope to work together with a renowned fashion designer who is willing to showcase my clothes at Fashion Week. But at this point, I am very happy that I’ve mastered the special weaving technique that’ll allow me to put human hair on the fashion radar. Just imagine that men will be able to buy a suit made from their own chest hair.

human hair sweaters 5

human hair sweaters 6

human hair sweaters 7

You can view more of Alix Bizet’s work on her website.

Article Source: The Creators Project

Natural Hair

Do You Like These Necklaces Made Out of Human Hair?

British artist and jewelry designer Kerry Howley has created a compelling collection of intricate necklaces made out of human hair. The collection, called Attraction/Aversion, is meant to invoke conflicting feelings in the viewer. While a glossy head of hair is an appealing sign of vitality, once hair falls off, it becomes something repulsive. Howley wanted to create something of visible beauty from a material that people have an aversion to: “through the familiar form of a necklace, and by using patterns and symmetry that are instinctively pleasing.”

Arts Thread Kerry Howley Hair Necklace4

Arts Thread Kerry Howley Hair Necklace5

Arts Thread Kerry Howley Hair Necklace1

Arts Thread Kerry Howley Hair Necklace2

Arts Thread Kerry Howley Hair Necklace3

Creating jewelry out of hair isn’t a novel concept–in fact, hair jewelry dates back to the Victorian Era, when it was a popular fashion. According to Victorian Gothic, “Husbands went to work wearing watch fobs fashioned of their wives hair. Locks from the dearly departed were mounted into rings and brooches. Ladies filled their autograph books with snippets from their friends.”

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10 Cool New Beauty Products You’ll Only Find on AliExpress

AliExpress is probably one of the most super malls online besides Amazon and Ebay. All products sold on AliExpress are from China with cheap retail or wholesaling prices and ships worldwide. Today we will bring you TOP 10 innovative and cool new beauty products that we can only find on AliExpress. So have a fun time shopping!

1. Peel-Off Lip Tint


This peel-off lip tint has suddenly become a rage in the beauty market. Reviews are mixed, with most people saying that it gives a gorgeous colour to the lips that doesn’t fade, and a few claiming that the product is not so great. In any case, it’s still an innovative product – you put the gel on your lips, and after it dries, you peel it off to reveal a gorgeous tint on your lips that doesn’t fade for 12 hours!

Price: $1.05. Buy it here.

2. Magic Temperature Change Colour Lipstick


Magic lipsticks are something we’ve all heard about. But here, we have for you a cheap alternative to the usually expensive mood lipsticks. Once applied, this will change colour to a shade that enhances your natural lip colour.

Price: $0.8. Buy it here.

3. Nail Transfer Stickers


So basically, these are little pieces of paper with designs made on them that can transfer onto your nails! Convenient, right? Get these to save yourself the trouble of getting expensive nail art done or those messy DIYs!

Price: $1.99. Buy it here.

4. Mixiu Multi-Coloured Blush Powder


Rosy cheeks are just a step away with this blush. This multi-coloured palette is pretty, affordable and absolutely adorable. What more can you ask for?

Price: $4.15. Buy it here.

5. Kalijumei Secret Jelly Flower Lipstick


These lipsticks with flowers inside them created waves in the international beauty circuit, and now you can own them too! They look so gorgeous that we don’t have the heart to use them – but we still will!

Price: $4.2. Buy it here.

6. Non-Toxic Hair Chalk


You may have read articles recently about how people are using chalk to colour their hair. Well, you can also do it now with this set of 24 different coloured chalks! We think it’s a great product to experiment with when you’re not feeling adventurous enough to get some whacky coloured streaks done (we know we’re not!).

Price: $5.01. Buy it here.

7. Rainbow Highlighter


For the girl who likes to stand out, there is this fabulous rainbow highlighter. Once mixed together, all the colours form a beautiful golden glow on your cheeks. But you can also use the shades separately – the choice is yours!

Price: $10. Buy it here.

8. Tony Moly Animal Facial Masks


Now you don’t need a Snapchat filter to look like an animal! These facial masks from Korean cosmetic giant Tony Moly are SO adorable! These masks can make you look like a panda, a monkey, a sheep, a dog and a tiger.

Price: $13.25. Buy it here.

9. Snail Repair Cream


Beauty products with snail mucin in them have become a raging success, thanks to the fact that snail mucin has been proven to reduce acne, clear scars and pigmentation, and revitalize skin! So, if you are not completely repulsed by the thought of having snail secretion on your face, this is the product for you!

Price: $23.99. Buy it here.

10. Starfish Eye Cream


Another Korean skincare obsession is starfish extract! Yes, since starfish have the power to regenerate, it is believed that its extract helps in skin cells turnover. The starfish eye cream from Mizon has received good reviews, is beautifully packaged in a muted gold tin and is cruelty-free.

Price: $62.26. Buy it here.

Be sure that you only buy from sellers that have a high rating and have fun with your new products! 🙂

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Affordable AliExpress VIP Beauty Body Wave Hair Review

aliexpress vip beauty body wave hair review

Aliexpress VIP Beauty Peruvian Body Wave Installed!
Unboxing/First Look:

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Peruvian Body Wave 20″ 22″ 24″ 24″
Hair Link:

U-Part Wig w/ Deep Side Bangs Tutorial

Natural Hair

5 Steps to Wash Human Hair Properly

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Unlike dealing with your own hair, human hair wigs & extensions need careful protection and maintenance. Follow the 5 steps below to learn how wash human hair wigs & extensions properly at home.

Step 1 Comb before washing human hair wigs & extensions. Use tail comb to comb wave hair while using hair brush to comb straight hair. Be soft with knotted hair.

Step 2  Put some hair shampoo in a basin of warm water. Soak the human hair wigs & extensions for 5 minutes and then squeeze out the extra water. Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water finally.

Step 3 Put the rinsed human hair wigs& extensions into the basin again. Put a few hair shampoo in your hands and rub the hair lightly. Be gentle and rinse then.

Step 4 Dry the hair with towel and let it dry by itself then. If it’s urgent, you can use hair dryer. Just be sure use low heat drying.

Step 5 Finally comb the dried human hair wigs & extensions slightly and style it. After styling, use hair styling spray or slight hair conditioner to make the style more stable.

Washing your own hair often can help to keep human hair wigs & extensions from getting oiled. Do not wash human hair wigs & extensions too often. Washing it every 6 times of usage should be good. If the human hair wigs & extensions look getting oiled already, avoid wearing it before washing completely.

Natural Hair

AliExpress Best #613 Brazilian Lace Wig with Side Bangs

aliexpress 613 brazilian body wave lace front full lace wig review

AliExpress Four Season Hair is a new hair store which mainly provides human hair wigs. The following hair wig is a new product from Four Season and with #613 blonde color, body wave hair style & made of Brazilian virgin hair.

It’s available from 12 inches to 26 inches and in two lace styles: FULL LACE & LACE FRONT.

The price is to medium level $128 – $366 per piece. If you’re finding a popular and shining blonde hair wig, it deserves a try!

AliExpress Four Season Hair store link:

#613 Brazilian Body Wave Lace Wig link: